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Not only have they helped me with my investor pack documents, they've helped me sharpen up my presentation, open my own mind to other investing options such as equity funding. They've introduced me to platforms for promoting myself to potential investors, and more.

- Latoya McDonald, Property Investor and Letting Agency Owner

"I’m really really pleased with the results that I’ve got from building the investor pack. I got to understand a bit more about having investment conversations and remaining compliant. I’ve gone through Caryn & Antoine’s training and it is comprehensive, easy to digest and very user-friendly. And you get a lot of support from them as well."


- Andrew Batt, Property Investor & Sourcer

"They really are the best people to learn from when it comes to raising private angel finance and stay in compliance with FCA regulations!"

 - Alexandra Powell, Property Developer & Sourcer

"It was absolutely fantastic being able to put together really structured and detailed documents to present to potential investors. I also did some 1:1 training with them as well to really fine-tune our documentation and it was absolutely second to none the service that we received."


- Mark Fernihough, Property Investor & Developer

"I didn't know how to put an investors pack together, what information it should contain. The home study course provided me with so much guidance and a nice format which I can basically follow and understand. Now I have an investor pack which I am confident in, thanks to Antoine and Caryn!"


- Chanel Reid, Property Investor

"They give sound, solid practical advice on how to create an investor pack which is professional, detailed and most importantly, legally compliant. They are friendly, thorough, detailed, very approachable and full of really good advice that will take your business to the next level. It certainly has mine!"


- Giles Harrison, Portfolio Landlord & Property Developer


Carl Hessell

A great teaching style and a pleasure to learn from. The investor course that was run (Feb '21) was both professional and value for money. There was a great deal of knowledge and insight shared, and you can tell that Caryn and Antoine know their stuff! I would highly recommend both the course and working with them.




(LinkedIn recommendation)

Jason Hodges

They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in relation to investing and property. They explained concepts in a clear, logical manner drawing on relevant, real-world examples to demonstrate the theory. They have vast amounts of knowledge in their subject areas and leverage each other’s skillsets and knowledge to provide a well-rounded answer to the less straight-forward questions that require some thought. They are personable, friendly, and happy to explain concepts further if clarification is required.


(LinkedIn recommendation)

Ajay Rahl

Caryn & Antoine have been outstanding. The training course they have provided has been both in-depth and insightful. The course has been very valuable to me as a fairly new property investor I feel this course has grown my confidence and I will be using my new found knowledge and tools to create my investor pack. As I move forward on my property investment and development journey I will be applying this knowledge. I’d highly recommend doing this course you will not be disappointed!!!!


(LinkedIn recommendation)