How can you make it easy for investors to work with you?

Cash investors are generally cash-rich, time-poor.

So, you need to make it easy for them to want to work with you.


How can you do that?

⭐️ Be concise – no one wants to read a wall of text

⭐️ Have a clear proposition

⭐️ Keep it super simple

⭐️ Make it easy for them to do their due diligence on you

⭐️ Be compliant – investors do not want to invest in an illegal structure/business

Every bit of your investor pack should be designed to convey a piece of crucial information and show investors why you are investable.

Investors tend to ask the same questions as they usually have the same concerns.


🔹 Are you and your business investable?

🔹 What happens if you get hit by a bus tomorrow?

🔹 Will they ever see their funds again?

🔹 How is your project capable of paying them back on time?

Whilst it makes sense to dedicate additional time to investors who might make a large investment with you, this is time you can ill-afford to spend with every investor that comes your way.

We have created an investor pack structure that allows you to build a relationship with your prospective investors over time – just like how you would do in real life over conversations.


This will save you a lot of time by being able to send the same document to every prospective investor.

Let your investor pack do the talking for you.


The goal? Fast track the ‘know’ so that you can start building the ‘like’ and the ‘trust’ with the investor.

Fundraisers who make the effort to create a quality investor pack maximise their chances of capturing every potential investor that comes their way

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Your investor pack can, and should, be planned in advance so that your ability to fundraise is not left to chance.


Make your investor pack a priority and you will experience a smoother fundraising process and less headache.


Want to know how? Contact us today.

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