Which software should I use to create my investor pack?

investor pack Jan 18, 2021


"Should I use Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create my investor pack? "

This is one of the first questions we often get asked.

When creating an investor pack, many people make the mistake of first choosing a design before trying to write content that fits in with that design. 

That’s the exact wrong way to go about creating an investor pack.

When creating an investor pack, ALWAYS start with the content.

You want to figure out WHAT you want to say first, and then design (or have someone design) the pack around your content.

This is the principle known as “form follows function”. The form of your investor pack (its design) should be based on the actual job it needs to do (its function) 

When creating your content, think about how you can:

  • Communicate what you do in a clear and succinct manner
  • Show investors why you are the best option
  • Include a strong call to action
Once you have the content, choose a software that you are familiar and comfortable with. You want one that you know how to use so that it doesn't take up too much time and is easy for you to make edits.

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